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Software PLC Engineer

Utrecht, The Netherlands


Looking for a top level Software PLC Engineer position in the Dutch industry? AKOS helps you find the best job, considering your educational background, experience, knowledge and personal skills.

Are you experienced with PLC and/or SCADA programming and looking for a challenging and fitting position in the Dutch Industry? Willing to adapt to the Dutch culture and learn the Dutch language? We personally guide you to high-tech companies who offer permanent job positions. Contact Jasper Boeijen, for additional info, questions or upload your English cv.


As a Software PLC Engineer you take responsibility to program control software for industrial automation systems. You work in a team with Software PLC Engineers and other colleagues with a diverse educational background (e.g. mechanical/hardware engineers), everyone being expected to closely cooperate with each other. Teamwork is an integral part of working at our clients, as you actively participate in project teams and face (project) deadlines. This is particularly important for meeting deadlines at clients who depend on your work to get their production facilities up and running.

Communicating and taking initiative to prevent delays in your work and project is an important expected skill. Asking for support or team problem solving (#SCRUM) is an asset not a shortcoming.

At our clients there are different entry level positions, from a junior engineer (0-2 years experience) who needs to further learn and develop up to (project) lead level (10+ years experience).


We offer a high-end Software PLC Engineer position which involves working with advanced systems and top notch technology and colleagues. A role in which you can learn a lot about professional working as a Software PLC Engineer, as well as developing your personal skills. You can improve your PLC programming skills and knowledge, including obtaining degrees/licenses, following relevant courses and learning on the job with a personal mentor.

The Dutch employers offer a good renumeration package and benefits, including salary € 3.000,- up until € 5.000,- gross per month, depending on your experience and level of expertise. Extensive package includes high amount of annual leave (up to 40 each year), 8% holiday pay, personal budget for education, flexible working hours and (if applicable) variable bonus income (extra month pay and/or profit distribution).

AKOS will assist you during the application process with additional info on the Dutch culture, expectations for interviews and working conditions. After a successful hire, AKOS helps you register with the Dutch government, supports your search for a suitable residence and guides you during your first year of employment.

Position requirements

- BSc or MSc degree in Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Industrial Automation, Computer Science, Robotics or similar.
- Experience creating and handling PLC programming, including experience with Siemens S7 and/or Allen Bradley software.
- Preferably experience working in an industrial company, taking self-sufficient responsibility as Software PLC Engineer or similar.
- Professional English language proficiency (B2 level or better).
- EU citizenship that automatically allows you to live and work in The Netherlands (no highly skilled migrant permission), or in possession of a valid work permit.
- Willing to integrate in the Dutch culture and society and willing to learn the language. Please be aware that working as a Software Engineer in the Netherlands sometimes means you might have to relocate to a rather rural area, not in the proximity of large cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Eindhoven.


AKOS is a well established engineering firm. For nearly 50 years we've been supporting companies in the Dutch industry with their engineering, supply, sales and (project) management challenges. AKOS Recruitment focuses on coaching engineers in their career and helping them take the right steps, develop themselves and guide them to the right employers and positions.

At AKOS we focus strictly on highly-skilled technical professionals wanting to work in the Dutch industry. We hire these professionals specifically for projects and permanent jobs at our various clients. Product developing, manufacturing, high-tech and different niches companies and alike. The Dutch industry is worldwide known for its high-tech development of machinery and equipment. They work mainly for clients outside The Netherlands and welcome international employees as long as their English language proficiency is at a professional level. Our clients are interested in professionals who are willing to permanently relocate to the Netherlands and to integrate in the local culture.

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Software PLC Engineer
Published on: 26-10-2020
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